Anti-Penetration Design

The specialized steel concrete solidifying rods and coils will incorporate a self-healing dihydrogen oxide formula which can instantly repair breaches in the wall.

To further inhibit penetration of the wall, the interior of the wall and foundation will be kept at a low temperature between -30° and -40° Celsius. While I only have anecdotal evidence with regard to this next point, it is my understanding that bad hombres from Mexico and really bad Muslim hombres from ISIS controlled territories do not like cold temperatures.

I noted that Trump himself stated in 2016 regarding Syrian refugees, “It’s 130 degrees in Syria and now they want to send some up to Minnesota where it’s 30 degrees. Well, these people are gonna be very, very unhappy. Its cold and beautiful, but its cold.”

Hearing this clearly intelligent, well-considered, honest assessment, I quickly modified the internal wall designs to handle even colder temperatures. I figured if Syrians didn’t like it when it is 30 degrees outside, they would definitely not try to tunnel through something that was -30 degrees.

Most scientists and engineers ignore the random ravings of madmen. I, on the other hand, have found that the such ravings are at least as valid as the pretext for the wall. Consequently, why not incorporate such insights into the design. I believe these inclusions have vastly improved the capabilities and cost effectiveness of the solution.