Our Vision


We believe in upholding the Universal Rights of ALL individuals, at all times, and in all places, for people of every color, from every race and ethnic group; whether or not they are disabled; citizens or migrants; no matter their sex; their class, their caste, their creed, their age or sexual orientation.


If you cannot stop hate, overwhelm it! 

Need to hire a contractor to build a wall or provide an immigration prison?
What if 10,000 or 100,000 individuals bid on the contract? 
Law mandates that each proposal be fairly evaluated.

It might take a while to read them all!

Want to punish Sanctuary Cities for violating the law? 

What if the law MANDATES that ANY civil servant can query someone's immigration status?
What if the law PROHIBITED efforts to filter or otherwise block those queries?
What if a NYC worker wants to validate the status of all 8.4 million residents ... one message at a time?

There's an app for that.

Trump is right, we need to highlight and help the true victims of our immigration policy!

Our project, VOICE, fills this crucial need.
At VOICE, you can read the harrowing and sorrowful tales of victims across this country.
But it is more than listening, share their stories with others!

Help us give VOICE to the Victims Of ICE!