As a trial run, MakinHay submitted a formal proposal for building a prototype wall between the United States and Mexico. We will not be selected, but we achieved our primary goal. To slow or stop more significant procurements in the future, we needed to better understand if an individual person could successfully submit a proposal for consideration. The answer is yes.Building on this experience, our web app will make it simple for individuals across the country to submit thousands or hundreds of thousands of proposals with a click of a button?  U.S. law mandates that each and every proposal, whether from a multinational company or a single individual, be evaluated equally and fairly. Based on our test case, we can build an app that will allow any individual to submit a full proposal with little more than a click of a button. Content will be produced by our volunteers and interested people across the country, combined into compliant proposals, and submitted to the Government. Our app will introduce slight variances to prevent group evaluations while ensuring that the i's and t's are properly dotted and crossed.

If we can energize thousands of people to submit a proposal with a click, we can grind the process to a halt. The Government cannot effectively evaluate thousands of responses using their usual mechanisms. As the procurement process regulations were specifically written to give the small guy a chance against corporate America, adjusting the process to weed-out our proposals will be difficult. We want to make it impossible for them to find the needle in the haystack.

We could use your help in making this project a reality. We need website developers, concept paper writers, and ultimately thousands of people to submit proposals. If competent construction firms or people with the means to submit realistic solutions will participate, we would love to sprinkle a few gems within our haystack to make it harder for the Government to reject the proposals en masse. Finally, we need lawyers or law students who can us navigate the laws to our best advantage and to ensure that each and every proposal gets its fair shot.


We submitted our own official wall proposal. It is currently being evaluated by the Government. Check it out!

We don't expect to win, but they gotta read them all!

Once the Stop the Wall app is completed, we can use the same technique to delay procurements for immigration prisons, new roads to the border area, transportation to send undocumented workers back to their home countries, etc.