Support Centers and Anti-Climbing Protections

Because of the size and scope of the proposed, magnificent wall, this design will incorporate periodic castles along the length of the wall. These castles will provide bases for ICE personnel and access to the top of the wall from the United States side. In honor of President Trump and the movement to get him elected, the first of these castles will be named Castle Black. In contrast, the last castles will be named, “Why?”, “Really?”, and “What a dick!” Because a three-word name is a little awkward, the last castle may simply be renamed to “Tiny” based on real-world feedback.

It is estimated that one castle for every 30 miles of wall is optimal.

With the wide breadth of the proposed wall, ICE personnel will be able to drive smoothly along the top of the wall between castles to apprehend any bad hombres who might try to use external devices to scale the wall.

Because there is no concern that the wall be beautiful from the southern side of the wall, a light frost layer will be allowed to form along the top and outside of the wall on the southern side. This non-concrete surface will be designed to break off from the solid portion of the wall easily if purchase with a grappling hook or ladder is sought. The contractor requests that the Government indemnify the contractor for any injury that may result from this design.

Figure 2: ICE anti-immigrant patrol on top of the wall.