Technical Design

The wall as proposed will vary from 10 feet thick to 300 feet thick depending on the contracting desires of the U.S. Government and their desire to build the biggest, most beautiful wall ever. Similarly, the design will allow for varying heights which can be quickly adjusted to match the Trump tweet of the day. The maximum height of the wall will be 800 feet, but if the United States is dependent on Mexico paying for the wall a more modest 30-foot wall might be appropriate. These varying heights do not represent alternative proposals, but rather are provided to illustrate the flexibility of the proposed solution. The minimum wall size is 10 feet thick at the base and 30 feet tall. This minimum wall size meets the height and penetration resistance requirements of the RFP as currently specified.

While the 30’ design will meet the requirements, if the United States wishes to build the biggest, most beautiful wall ever, the 800 foot tall, 300 foot thick option is recommended. By expert reports, the Westeros wall is a mere 700 feet tall. Thus, an 800-foot tall dihydrogen monoxide and aggregate solid concrete wall along our southern wall would beat the Westeros design and truly represent our country’s magnificent strength, manufacturing prowess, and vast intelligence. There is nothing that says prowess and intelligence and like an 800-foot tall di-hydrogen monoxide concrete wall through a hundred-mile-wide unpopulated desert.

With such a wall in place, individuals from other countries that wish to illegally immigrate to our country will have to pay for a plane ticket to Orlando and an entry ticket to Disney World before choosing to stay in this country. By far, I can think of no better investment for this country than to pay me to build an 800-foot tall, best in the real-world and fictional-world, wall.